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Betfair are currently running a promotion where they are giving new customers a £25 free bet bonus. If you want to go and claim your Betfair bonus now you can just click on the banner and complete the registration as you don not need a Betfair promo code, But why not find out some more details about Betfair by reading the below review before signing up for your account?

Betfair is different to other on-line bookmakers, it is more of a betting exchange, where you are betting against a community of other Betfair customers on the outcome of events such as football matches, tennis, horse racing and pretty much anything else you can imagine. This is a great concept especially when a market is in-play as in effect you are betting your opinion against someone else’s opinion throughout the duration of the event.

You will also get some of the best odds on sports available on-line with Betfair, in a recent comparison for the 2011/12 Premiership season against another leading bookmaker Betfair had better match odds in 268 out of 380 games! So it is well worth checking odds with Betfair before placing a bet elsewhere.

The beauty of betting markets in Betfair is that you can bet that an event such as a goal, a horse winning a race or a whole plethora of other events will happen (known as Backing), or on the flip side you can also do the opposite and bet that an event won’t happen (known as laying). If you aren’t fully aware of the concept of backing and laying bets or in-play markets you can find more details below.

The ability to back and lay bets in-play with Betfair gives you very good opportunity to to trade in your bets when in a winning position. Here’s an example (we will use decimal odds), You bet £100 on there being 2.5 goals or more in a football match before the game kicks off and you get odds of 2.1. Good news 10 minutes into the game Team A scores a goal, now this will reduce the odds to 1.55 for example. At this point you can either leave your bet on to try to make the full £110 profit or you could sell your bet (lay) to guarantee a profit of approx £33.50 after only 10 minutes of the game.

Betfair not only offers a huge amount of sports betting markets but also has the usual casino table games including roulette, blackjack and live dealer casino versions of these as well. Plus you can find all of the latest themed slot games with all their cumulative jackpots and fun bonus games. If you are  a lover of poker there is also a great poker section on Betfair with small tournaments from as little as a £1 to enter or much bigger value tournaments for the high rollers amongst you.

How to claim your Betfair £25 risk free bet

As well as all the above Betfair has to offer, they are also now giving new customers a £25 free bet welcome bonus by matching your first bet amount. To get the Betfair  free £25 bet you just need to click on the banner below or above and then complete the simple registration process. Don’t worry you will not need a Betfair promo code as you have clicked one of our banners. Once you have signed up, deposit and place a bet of up to £25 and win or lose Betfair will match your bet up to a maximum of £25, it’s as simple as that to get a risk free bet bonus.